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About the brand

Valenncii, the sole vision of VALENNCII VENTORA brand, got his start as a high fashion photographer and videographer. 

While capturing diverse fashion pieces of well known brands, he started to envision and further deliver his own cutting edge high fashion graphic designed luxury pieces.

Each piece is delicately handcrafted. VALENNCII VENTORA HOUSE OF COUTURE integrates luxury with provocative edgy aesthetic vision. His wedding gown collection is unconventional yet extravagant.  His daily garments graphic designs are provocative yet infuse meaning.  His trench coats are bold original and deluxe. His bags are loud and futuristic. 


The brand draws in a variety of visual elements such asymmetry and distressed fabrics, tense couture with a luxurious daring touch.  


VALENNCII VENTORA fashion is intangible, is emotional, is authentic. 

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